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How to Travel on a Budget as a Student

Posted on 04 November 2018 by admin (0)

As a student, you do not have to wait until you have graduated, got into employment and earned a few paychecks so that you can travel. There are a lot of deals that will enable you to go around the world on a budget and below are some of these great tips:

  • Flights: Many people have a mentality that air travel is very expensive and students cannot afford to pay for them. This is not true especially if you know some of the websites where tips on getting cheap flights are provided. Air tickets are at the lowest during the low season and making arrangements for your travel within this time will allow you to spend less on the air ticket and still have the best experience.
  • Travel timing: the best time to travel as a broke student is during the low season when all the facilities have slashed their prices. For instance, during summer, everything is very expensive but for winter and spring, the prices are lower and you will still enjoy the great views and every other pleasure that is brought about by the travel.
  • Get company: most of the times, traveling as a group will amount to huge savings as you will be able to share the expenses such as food, accommodation, and even cabs if you will be going on road trips. The cost of the travel will be half of what you would have spent if you traveled alone.,
  • Accommodation: you can look for places where there are affordable accommodation and a place where your security will not be compromised. Airbnb provides affordable accommodation that will allow you to live comfortably and still spend less. There are also hotels that will charge a low price for accommodation and still maintain a high degree of cleanliness and safety for their guests.
  • Avoid eating out: Eating out seems classy and saves the amount of time you would have spent in preparing the food. However, the cost of these foods is very high making you spend more on food. If possible, look for a place where you will be able to prepare your own means and then go out for refreshments which will enable you to save and then use the amount saved on buying souvenirs that you will take home.
  • Take advantage of free tours: there are places like Europe where one will get free tours. For most of these, you will be asked to pay the amount you are comfortable with so that you can help in taking care of the tour guideā€™s needs. The amount you will save will help in taking care of other necessities.
  • Make arrangements for a cab in advance: at times cab drivers will take advantage of people who are in a hurry to get to their destinations and charge a high price. You can look for a website that provided such services and you will have a cab arranged for you whenever a need arises.

You do not have to wait until you accumulate a huge saving to travel when so many options to help you save have been provided.